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Business Week

Week-long series of professional development workshops and speaker events to prepare students for the Smith Career Fair.

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01/31 7:00PM

Find Your Path

In the first event of Business Week, “Find Your Path”, students will have the opportunity to explore different careers related to the core majors from Smith alumni. This event will also help professionally develop the Smith undergraduate community by providing them networking opportunities with recent graduates as well as up-to-date information about these changing industries, especially with respect to the pandemic.

Kick-Start your Career is an interactive and information event about how to crush your interviews. This event, co-hosted by a recruiter from PwC, will feature topics such as how to prepare for an interview and common mistakes to avoid.

Kickstart Your Career

02/02 6:30PM

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Taking Initiative

With our final event, “Taking Initiative” students will be given the opportunity to learn more about the initial steps of the recruiting process which will allow them to be better prepared to kickstart their career searches. During this event, guests will be able to hear from students and professionals as they analyze cold emails, informational interviews, elevator pitches, and resumes from their own perspectives.

02/03 6:30PM

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