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Leadership Conference

Fall 2020


Marketing Track

  1. How to Communicate Your Brand with Amanda Bachman

  2. How to Drive Your Marketing Effectiveness with Alden Newman


Events Track

  1. Improving Your Event Effectiveness with Jessica Baskett

  2. Utilize Your Tools and Teams in Event Planning with Yvonne Lowe


Finance Track

  1. Creating Your Club Financial Plan with Sam Brownell

  2. Becoming a Strategist For Your Club with Nahom Tekle


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions as a current or aspiring SUSA-recognized organization leader!

How do I apply for my organization to be SUSA-recognized?

For information on this process, reach out to the SUSA President at

What qualifies a club or organization to be SUSA-recognized?

For information on the qualifications, see page 3 of the SUSA Constitution or review the SUSA Handbook (both linked above).

Where can the SUSA points requirements be found?

Review the Points System document linked above.

How can my organization become more involved with SUSA?

View Our Team to learn about our committees and reach out to the member you believe would best be able to help you. If unsure, reach out to the SUSA President at to be redirected to the appropriate resource.

How will SUSA help my organization?

SUSA works with students and their clubs to create a collaborative community within the Smith School. It is our priority to help organizations reach their potential! Review the SUSA handbook linked above, which is full of resources regarding funding (page 9-15), events (page 16-18), contacts (page 23-24), etc. SUSA also offers consulting to provide customized assistance to any organizations who need it or are simply seeking an outside perspective on their practices. Sign up here!