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Ferrari Ki Sawaari Dubbed Movies In Hindi 720p (Updated 2022)




\ "Ferrari aur Kisan ki Sawaari" .√I 2. I) is an Indian feature film directed by Abhishek Kapoor starring Ranveer Singh and Ananya Panday. The film revolves around a group of young boys with dreams of chasing their favourite cricketer, Mahi, in his Ferrari.After a game of cricket, the boys manage to take a taxi to Mahi's home. Mahi's parents lock the cab and refuse to let the boys in unless they promise not to tell Mahi. They do so and come out to see a black Ferrari parked at the front of the house. The boys find the keys, have a joyride and go to Mahi's house.They get off the taxi and find it has been vandalised by Mahi and his friends. They then find his house, and knock on his door. A young boy answers and they tell him that they have brought the keys from the taxi. They enter, but find that it is not Mahi's house but a hotel. They then find out that Mahi's friends have kidnapped him and his father has hired a criminal to kill him, if he is not paid a ransom. The boys set out to find Mahi's true whereabouts. After several unsuccessful attempts, they spot Mahi's Ferrari speeding through the streets and hurl themselves at the vehicle. The police immediately chase after the Ferrari, but it is led through the streets of Mumbai by Mahi's friends and is soon out of sight. The police are about to give up, when Mahi's father tells them that the boys are in the car. They go to Mahi's home and enter to find that Mahi has killed his parents and kidnapped his little sister. The police arrest Mahi, and set out to find the boys and release their hostage. The boys manage to convince Mahi to give them the keys to his Ferrari. The police, however, have already found the keys and are on their way to the boys' location. They follow Mahi's Ferrari and soon catch up with the boys. They soon learn that Mahi is looking for the place where his father died, and where the dead do not hurt, called Kala Pani. The boys' trip ends there, and they have to spend the night, as it is night time. The next morning, the police tell Mahi that the boys are in a bazaar, trying to find a way out of there. Mahi sets out to rescue




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Ferrari Ki Sawaari Dubbed Movies In Hindi 720p (Updated 2022)

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