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SUSA Leadership Conference

On September 26th, the annual Smith Leadership Conference was held in Van Munching Hall for SUSA Club Leaders and Emerging Leaders to come together for a one day, collaborative event where they learn ways to enhance their abilities in a specific position as well as cultivate broader leadership skills. Our theme for the event this year was building together. With the changing environment, we wanted to emphasize the importance of learning from each other, supporting each other, and building on each other's success to continue to grow and develop as clubs and individuals.

We had five tracks for the duration of the event: Presidents, Events, Marketing, Finance, and Emerging Leaders. The goal of each track was to give emerging and current student leaders a skill, a lesson, a tip that they hadn’t learned before. These goals were achieved through guest speakers and alumni workshops. We were able to create a safe and motivating environment for all participants throughout the course of the event in hopes that they continue to use this environment in the future.

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