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#HumansOfSmith - Nick Bailey

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Nick Bailey, a Smith junior double major in marketing and operations management and business analytics (OMBA) and former SUSA Strategy and Operations Committee Member.

Through our discussion, it became evident that Nick loves helping others and has crafted his college experience to do just that. Nick is a campus tour guide for Maryland Images, a Smith ambassador, a front desk representative for the Smith School’s Office of Career Services, and the Vice President of the American Marketing Association at UMD.

Nick says the Smith School is more than just a business school, it’s a community of people (professors, peers, faculty) who want you to succeed and are there to listen to you. What he loves most about Smith is the Maryland DNA we all share and the sense of Maryland pride we have.

“Everyone at Smith is willing to help each other and to foster an environment of growth.”

Follow the interview below to get to know Nick better!

Q&A with Nick!

Where did you grow up and what was that like?

Before coming to UMD, I lived in a bubble.

Growing up in Bethesda, MD, I didn't really know too many people from different backgrounds.

When I came to UMD, I was able to experience working with people from different backgrounds which was great because it gave me a different perspective on life.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Once in a lifetime opportunities happen twice to good people.

And I think that's so true. I remember early in my college career I was trying to get involved with so many things on campus and I would tell myself "this is a once in a lifetime opportunity" and that I'm going to miss my shot if I don't apply but looking back at it now that wasn't entirely true.

Because even if you didn't get that job opportunity or position, everything will still be okay. There will be another opportunity for you because you're constantly putting in the work and learning from experiences like these. Even in an academic setting, it's always important to pick yourself up.

What challenges have you faced while in college?

What’s hard about college, is the individualism we all have to go through. I am someone who always needs to be around people.

The challenge of being alone and being by yourself, and figuring out your own journey and who you are, was one of the biggest challenges for myself during college because I always had people around me and I always made sure to surround myself with people. But, coming to college I realized you also need that time to be by yourself

Any final words?

Yes, go SUSA!


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-Melanie Rojas, SUSA Project Manager, Marketing Committee

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