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Apply for a Position on the SUSA Executive Board!

We are nearly halfway done with the semester, and applications for SUSA are now open! Whether you are looking to hold a leadership position on E-board or want to join a committee, there is something for everyone. Apply at this link! Read below about each of the 11 E-board positions on SUSA:

VP of Administration

  • Manages club requirements and attendance to ensure they are following SUSA guidelines

  • Reserves rooms for SUSA club weekly meetings and special events

  • Creates and manages all projects regarding internal SUSA HR

VP of Technology

  • Maintains and updates the SUSA website, Slack workspace, shared Google Drives, combined club calendar, and blog page

  • Provides technological recommendations and support to committees and clubs

  • Interprets data analytics

VP of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Responsible for fostering diverse and inclusive environments among both the internal and external SUSA communities

  • Organizes community events for SUSA members to promote internal inclusion

  • Conducts demographic data collection and culture audit of SUSA and SUSA clubs

VP of Events

  • Responsible for managing Smith-wide professional development events, such as Smith in the City and the Smith Leadership Conference

  • Collaborates with the VP of Marketing to ensure consistent and effective marketing messaging for all events

  • Relays events budget needs to the VP of Finance to ensure proper financing for all events

VP of Marketing

  • Manages all publication and promotions for SUSA and SULC sponsored events and activities

  • Creates marketing content and campaigns

  • Manages SUSA social media accounts and newsletter

VP of Professional Affairs

  • Designs and executes events focused on professional development, such as the biannual Business Week

  • Coordinates with SUSA clubs to ensure that programming is quality and impactful

  • Works on SUSA-wide and Smith-wide strategic projects

VP of Involvement

  • Plans and executes events and initiatives that promote involvement in SUSA and Smith

  • Works with the SUSA E-board, OCS, and SUSA Clubs to create programming that attracts and welcomes all students

  • Projects include the Involvement Fair, SmithPalooza, Awards Night, and TRANSFERmation

VP of Service

  • Responsible for planning and executing strategic community service initiatives throughout the semester

  • Develops partnerships with organizations outside of Smith who are service oriented

VP of Strategy & Operations

  • Responsible for optimizing internal channels and operations in the SUSA Leadership Team

  • Oversees the SUSA bylaws to ensure fair and efficient internal operations and external governance of all clubs

  • Identifies strategic opportunities for SUSA’s expansion

VP of Finance

  • Responsible for managing SUSA’s annual budget

  • Oversees and approves funding for Smith related events

  • Collaborates with event facing roles to create fundraising opportunities during signature SUSA events


  • Leads and manages team of 11 Executive Board Members, 60+ SUSA Committee Members, 20+ SUSA Clubs, and 150+ Club Executive Board Members

  • Liaison between SUSA, Smith undergraduate clubs, the Smith Student Body, Smith Faculty, and Smith’s Administration

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