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A Successful Smith in the City: DC

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Smith in the City: DC was a trip like no other. Although virtual this year, it gave students the opportunity to build relationships among the Smith Community, and network with professionals in the DC Metro Area. The trip allowed students to explore different career paths via our five track options: marketing, entertainment and media, entrepreneurship and technology, finance, and government and consulting. Each track was taken through three virtual visits to companies located in the DC Metro Area. We paired these company visits with an Alumni event, dedicated to allowing students to communicate and receive mentorship from Alumni. The purpose given to the trip this year was to introduce and engage Smith students with employers in the DC-Metro area and their peers, furthering both their academic and career development. The SUSA Events Committee, with the help of neighboring SUSA committees, created an environment that satisfied their purpose. This became clear when they saw notes being taken at company visits, questions being asked at the alumni event, and overall participation from students that exceeded their standards. If you're thinking you want to come on this trip again OR you want to come on it for the first time, you are reading the right blog post! Smith in the City: NYC is just around the corner and the Events Committee couldn't be more excited to plan it for you.

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